Actor Faysal Quraishi Apologizes for Offending Legal Community in TV Drama

actor faysal quraishi apologizes for offending legal community in tv drama

Actor Faysal Quraishi has said sorry for upsetting the legal community in his HUM TV show Zulm. The Karachi Bar Association had criticized the drama, demanding an apology from him and HUM TV owner Sultana Siddiqui.

Zulm, according to HUM TV, is a story about fighting against injustice and power. In the series, Quraishi plays a powerful but corrupt man who seeks revenge on a woman who rejects him. He often insults his legal team and other lawyers.

The Karachi Bar Association stated that Quraishi’s language towards lawyers in Zulm was disrespectful. They called for an apology from him and HUM TV. The association warned of legal action if they didn’t receive an apology.

Quraishi responded in an Instagram video, explaining that actors just say what’s written for them. He admitted some of the lines shouldn’t have been said and might have caused offense. He expressed regret for any hurt caused, emphasizing that he doesn’t like hurting others.

The issue arose after fans and friends reached out to him, prompting reflection on his part. He acknowledged the impact of his words on the legal community and extended his apologies.