Army Chief Urges Focus on Professional Duties Amidst Eid Visit to Troops in North Waziristan

army chief urges focus on professional duties amidst eid visit to troops in north waziristan

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Asim Munir, spent Eid Al-Fitr with troops in North Waziristan district, encouraging them to focus on their professional duties. He praised their sacrifices and acknowledged their role in the country’s development.

North Waziristan, once a hub of militancy due to its porous border with Afghanistan, has seen improvements since Pakistan launched a major fencing project in 2017 to control illegal movement and reduce violence. However, militant violence has resurged, influenced by regional politics and the Taliban’s presence in Afghanistan.

During his visit, the army chief stressed the importance of maintaining focus on professional duties, emphasizing the troops’ role in bringing socioeconomic development to the country. He urged vigilance against destabilizing elements, highlighting the need for collective efforts to safeguard peace.

Amidst increased violence along the Western border with Afghanistan and Iran, Pakistani security forces are actively conducting intelligence-based operations to dismantle militant networks and ensure area security.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also extended Eid greetings to the armed forces, paying tribute to soldiers protecting the homeland and honoring martyrs and their families.