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government allocates rs 60,000 million for higher education projects in 2024 25

Government Allocates Rs 60,000 Million for Higher Education Projects in 2024-25

The federal government has set aside Rs 60,000 million for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the fiscal year 2024-25. This funding will support 141 ongoing projects and 19 new initiatives. According to the budget, Rs 41,871.792 million is for ongoing projects, and Rs 18,128.208 million is for new ones. For ongoing projects: Additionally: For…

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lda cracks down on illegal businesses in lahore

LDA Cracks Down on Illegal Businesses in Lahore

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) continues its crackdown on illegal commercial activities in Lahore. Action Taken: On Monday, LDA teams, led by Director Town Planning-I Ayesha Mutahir, sealed Cakes & Bakes and six other businesses in Gulshan-e-Ravi for not paying commercialization fees. The businesses affected include a medical store, private schools, grocery shops, and offices….

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