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job openings in islamabad for world bank funded project

Job Openings in Islamabad for World Bank-Funded Project

There are job openings in Islamabad for various specialist roles in a World Bank-funded project aimed at improving infrastructure and community development in the area. Program Specialist (Housing Reconstruction) A World Bank-funded project in Islamabad needs a Program Specialist in Housing Reconstruction. Ideal candidates should have: Program Specialist (Infrastructure) The project also requires a Program…

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the suzuki cultus a popular choice in pakistan's car market

“The Suzuki Cultus: A Popular Choice in Pakistan’s Car Market”

In Pakistan’s busy car market, the Suzuki Cultus stands out as a strong contender among hatchbacks, attracting customers with its affordability and usefulness. Although it faced challenges due to perceptions linked to its predecessors, the latest version of the Cultus has maintained a solid position thanks to its impressive fuel efficiency and strong resale value….

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summer camp permissions denied, schools warned on fees punjab education update

Summer Camp Permissions Denied, Schools Warned on Fees: Punjab Education Update

The Punjab School Education Department (SED) has announced a ban on summer school camps in all public and private schools across the province until further notice. This decision comes after some private schools claimed they had permission to hold summer camps. Punjab SED clarified that no such permissions were given. No private school is allowed…

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celebrating youm e takbir the day pakistan became a nuclear power

Celebrating Youm-e-Takbir: The Day Pakistan Became a Nuclear Power

On May 28th every year, Pakistan celebrates Youm-e-Takbir, commemorating the day in 1998 when the country successfully conducted its first nuclear tests. This momentous occasion not only marked Pakistan as the first Muslim-majority nation to possess nuclear weapons but also significantly altered the geopolitical landscape of South Asia. The Journey to Nuclear Capability The roots…

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