Auto Industry Crisis in Pakistan: Suzuki Alto Prices Skyrocket While Larger Vehicles See Reductions

auto industry crisis in pakistan suzuki alto prices skyrocket while larger vehicles see reductions

The auto industry in Pakistan is facing a tough time as prices, especially for small cars like the Suzuki Alto, are climbing higher. Despite decreases in prices for larger vehicles, the disparity is striking, especially when compared to neighbouring India.

Price Comparison: In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto kicks off at a staggering Rs 23.31 lakh, while in India, it’s a mere Rs 3.25 lakh. Even the top variant in India, priced at Rs 5.12 lakh, is notably cheaper than the base model in Pakistan.

India Variants and Prices: In India, the Suzuki Alto offers various variants, with prices ranging from:

  • Petrol Alto: Rs 3.25 lakh to Rs 4.56 lakh
  • CNG Alto: Rs 4.16 lakh to Rs 5.12 lakh

Pakistan Variants and Prices: In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto comes in different variants, with prices as follows:

  • Alto VX: Rs 23 lakh 31 thousand
  • Alto VX AR: Rs 27 lakh 7 thousand
  • Alto VX AGS: Rs 28 lakh 94 thousand
  • Alto VX EL AGS: Rs 30 lakh 45 thousand

My Opinion: It’s distressing to see the auto industry in Pakistan facing such a crisis, particularly with the drastic price differences between small cars like the Suzuki Alto and larger vehicles. This situation not only impacts consumers but also raises questions about the underlying factors driving these price variations. Addressing this issue is crucial for the sustainability and growth of the auto sector in Pakistan.