Bollywood Star Nora Fatehi Shares Insights on Fasting and Faith

bollywood star nora fatehi

In a recent video on Instagram, Bollywood star Nora Fatehi shared about her Muslim beliefs. She’s known for her role in “Street Dancer 3D” and hails from Canada and Morocco. Nora said she’s been fasting since she was 14, something her parents taught her when she was young.

During Ramadan, Nora feels more connected spiritually. She mentioned how she fasts every day, even when she’s working. She believes fasting helps her become disciplined and closer to her faith. She sees it as her duty and doesn’t skip it for anything.

Despite her busy acting career, Nora doesn’t compromise on her religious practices. She believes she can balance both aspects of her life. Even though her job requires physical activity, she doesn’t break her fast. Nora thinks fasting is essential and can be done alongside other responsibilities.

Apart from fasting, Nora also talked about the importance of praying. She finds peace and connection with her creator through prayer. She says it’s like taking a short break from the chaos of life to thank the divine.

Since starting her Bollywood journey in 2014, Nora has become known for her dancing skills. Her openness about her religious practices has resonated with many fans. However, some on social media have questioned how she balances her showbiz career with her faith.