Bringing Light to the Darkest Corners: Sindh’s Bold Solar Initiative

bringing light to the darkest corners sindh's bold solar initiative

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, the Provincial Minister for Energy, Planning, and Development, has revealed a pioneering plan to bring electricity to the most distant and disadvantaged regions of the province. This significant initiative, inspired by Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s vision, intends to equip these areas with solar panels, guaranteeing illumination for every household.

The PPP government, recognized for its pragmatic approach rather than empty promises, has already commenced action. Shah unveiled these plans during a recent media interaction at the Sindh Assembly.

The project encompasses the establishment of solar parks throughout Sindh. A solar park near Karachi is set to produce 50 MG of electricity, which will be channeled to the grid. This move aims to enhance the convenience of electricity users. Furthermore, residents in these areas will receive electricity services through HESCO and SEPCO. The government is also exploring the potential of converting waste to energy, with plans for imminent implementation.

The upcoming budget aligns with Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s 10-point agenda. As part of this agenda, the public will receive 300 units of free electricity through solarization.

Shah lamented the federation’s failure to grant the mandate; otherwise, these measures would have been implemented nationwide for everyone’s benefit. He also commended the police’s proactive efforts in the Kacha area, where their measures against dacoits saved numerous lives.

Shah urged the media to spotlight the positive initiatives of the Sindh government and police. He underscored the importance of security measures, including the caretaker government’s checkpoints and interrogations of outsiders regarding their visit purposes.