Chicken Prices Drop in Lahore Due to Low Demand

chicken prices drop in lahore due to low demand

The cost of chicken in Lahore has gone down because fewer people are buying it, according to ARY News. The Pakistan Poultry Association shared that although prices were rising before, the decreased demand has led poultry owners to lower their prices. Now, chicken meat is being sold at Rs470 per kilogram, which is Rs78 cheaper than before.

Over the last three weeks, the price of chicken has dropped by Rs227 per kilogram. Additionally, the price of a chick has reduced from Rs220 to Rs100.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz promised to take action against those taking advantage of consumers buying chicken. To tackle the issue, the chief minister implemented strict measures against poultry farmers and traders. Data on stocks was collected from these parties to investigate the sudden price increase.

My Opinion:
It’s good to see steps being taken to address the soaring chicken prices. Lowering costs will definitely help many people, especially those struggling financially. Plus, cracking down on those exploiting consumers is essential for fair business practices.