Chicken Prices Drop in Lahore, Punjab

chicken prices drop in lahore, punjab

Chicken prices in Lahore, Punjab, went down by Rs39 per kilogram on Monday. Now, the new price for chicken meat is Rs416/kg. The people who sell chickens say the price went down because not many people are buying chicken. They think the price might go down more in the next few days.

Yesterday, you could buy chicken for Rs455/kg. The people who keep track of these things say the price of chicken has gone down by Rs259/kg in the last three weeks.

The price of a baby chicken has also gone down. Before, it was Rs220, but now it’s Rs100.

Before this, Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, said she would take action against people who make chicken prices too high. She started to take strong actions against the people who raise chickens and sell them. She asked for information from these people to understand why the price suddenly went up.

Opinion: It’s good to see that the government is taking action to address the issue of high chicken prices. Lower prices mean people can afford to buy more, which is better for everyone. I hope these measures help stabilize chicken prices for consumers.