Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a Gas Connection in Punjab: Procedures, Fees, and Requirements


Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has witnessed a surge in gas connection requests from various cities in Punjab, notably Lahore, following the government’s authorization for the reinstatement of new gas meters nationwide. In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of securing a new gas connection, covering essential procedures, fees, and necessary documentation.

1. Installation Fee:
The cost of establishing a gas connection varies based on property size. For houses occupying up to 10 marlas, the installation fee stands at 6,000 rupees. Conversely, residences exceeding 10 marlas incur a slightly higher fee of 7,500 rupees.

2. Application Submission:
Applicants residing in areas with an active gas network, such as Lahore, have the flexibility to either procure an application form from nearby offices or opt for online submission. The submission points include Regional Offices, Sub-Offices, or the nearest Customer Services Center, ensuring convenience for all.

3. Required Documentation:
Accompanying the application form, individuals must furnish several documents, including a copy of their National Identity Card, proof of property ownership, and a gas bill from the nearest neighbor’s residence. Upon submission, obtaining an official receipt serves as a crucial acknowledgment.

4. Proposal Letter or Demand Notice:
Upon receipt of the gas connection application, a designated officer conducts a comprehensive survey to evaluate the feasibility of issuing either a proposal letter or demand notice, crucial steps in the process.

5. Security and Service Charges:
Compliance with the terms delineated in the proposal letter or demand notice necessitates the submission of security and service charges. For residences occupying up to 10 marlas, service line charges amount to Rs. 1,500, coupled with security charges of Rs. 4,500. Conversely, larger properties exceeding 10 marlas incur service line charges of Rs. 3,000, alongside the same security charges of Rs. 4,500.

6. Urgent or Fast Track Fee:
For those requiring expedited processing, an urgent or fast-track fee of Rs. 25,000 is applicable, ensuring prompt facilitation of the new gas connection.

Navigating the process of securing a new gas connection with Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited entails adherence to specific guidelines, submission of requisite documentation, and compliance with associated fees. By familiarizing oneself with the outlined procedures and requirements, individuals can streamline the application process and avail themselves of uninterrupted gas supply in Punjab, including Lahore.


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