Crackdown on Illegal Housing Schemes by Lahore Development Authority

crackdown on illegal housing schemes by lahore development authority

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is cracking down on illegal housing schemes in Lahore. Recently, they took action against several areas. In the Hadaya Housing Scheme on Canal Bank Road, they destroyed infrastructure and partly demolished illegal buildings. On Ferozepur Road, they razed the sewerage system, roads, and other constructions in Central Square. Additionally, houses built illegally on land designated for a graveyard in Daman City on Multan Road were demolished. The operation was supervised by Director Assad Ullah Cheema and Chief Town Planner Azhar Ali, with support from the enforcement wing and the police using heavy machinery.

LDA Director General Tahir Farooq has instructed to continue this strict action against illegal housing schemes in Lahore.


It’s necessary for authorities to take action against illegal housing schemes to maintain safety and order in the city. This crackdown ensures that construction happens according to regulations, preventing potential hazards and protecting designated areas like graveyards.