Decline in Solar Panel Prices Benefits Buyers in Pakistan

decline in solar panel prices benefits buyers in pakistan

The cost of solar panels in Pakistan has gone down again. This happened because the government put taxes on homes and businesses that use solar panels.

People who sell things say that in the last six months, the price of solar panels in Pakistan fell by 30%. This is good news for people who want to buy them.

They said that the reason for the big drop in prices is that there are a lot more solar panels available now.

They also said that the cost of one watt of a solar panel is now less than Rs40 in Pakistan.

The average price for one watt of a solar panel in Pakistan is Rs37, the sellers said. They think the prices might go down even more.

In May 2024, the cost of solar panels for a 7-kilowatt system in Pakistan is Rs259,000.

For a 12-kilowatt system, the cost of solar panels is Rs444,000 now.


I think the decrease in solar panel prices in Pakistan is a positive development. It not only makes renewable energy more accessible to people but also encourages the use of clean energy sources, which is crucial for environmental sustainability. This decline in prices opens up opportunities for more individuals and businesses to invest in solar energy systems, ultimately contributing to a greener future for Pakistan.