Discover What’s New on This Eid: Lahore Zoo to Remain Closed Due to Renovation

discover what's new on this eid lahore zoo to remain closed due to renovation

The Lahore Zoo is getting a makeover, but young adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts excited to visit during Eid ul Fitr will have to be patient. Construction work and improvements are still happening, so the zoo won’t be open just yet.

According to Mudassar Riaz Malik, the Director General of Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, while some parts like the breeding facilities at Jallo Park and Lahore Zoo Safari will be open for Eid, the main Lahore Zoo will stay closed. But don’t worry! It’s expected to reopen in about a month.

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Once the upgrades are finished, visitors will step into a brand-new zoo with lots of cool stuff. There’ll be new animals to see and exciting attractions, like a hologram zoo. They’re working hard to finish it all up within the next month.

And that’s not all! Plans for a fish aquarium are in the works. They’re also setting up special glass enclosures for leopards, lions, and tigers, so visitors can feel like they’re right in the wild. Plus, there’ll be a modern food court and an amphitheater for everyone to enjoy.

But it’s not just about fun and games. They’re also improving things behind the scenes. They’re building a vet hospital and making the homes for big animals better. Even the monkey houses are getting a makeover! And they’re fixing up the office buildings too, along with adding a new auditorium.

Lahore Zoo has been around for a long time, since the 19th century. It’s a big place with lots of different animals from all over, giving people a peek into the amazing natural world.