Eidul Fitr Celebrations Bring Extended Holidays in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

eidul fitr celebrations bring extended holidays in saudi arabia and pakistan

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are gearing up to celebrate Eidul Fitr with extended holidays for employees across both public and private sectors.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has announced a four-day holiday, beginning on Monday, April 8th. This decision allows most workers to enjoy a well-deserved break, with the holidays stretching until Thursday, April 11th.

Since Friday and Saturday are already weekends in Saudi Arabia, employees will relish a total of six days off to mark the festive occasion. Work is expected to resume for both sectors on Sunday, April 14th, following the Eid celebrations, which signify the end of Ramadan.

In Pakistan, Eidul Fitr is anticipated to fall on either April 10th or 11th. To honor the occasion, three official holidays have been declared, commencing from Wednesday, April 10th, and lasting until Friday, April 12th.

With the weekend coinciding with the Eid holidays, Pakistanis are in for a five-day break, providing ample time to celebrate and cherish moments with family and friends.