Empowering Education Amidst Adversity: Rasool’s Journey

empowering education amidst adversity rasool's journey

In Makli, Sindh, Rasool Baksh was a dedicated student before the pandemic struck. However, when schools reopened, he was notably absent from his classroom. Concerned, his principal, Ms. Shagufta, promptly contacted Rasool’s parents to understand the situation.

Rasool’s father, who had lost his job as a domestic worker due to the lockdown, revealed that he was still unemployed. Meanwhile, Rasool had taken on a job at an ice factory, working long hours cleaning and painting large ice containers. With Rasool’s earnings being the family’s sole income, they hesitated to send him back to school, fearing he might lose his job.

Ms. Shagufta intervened, spending time counseling Rasool’s parents. She proposed a solution: Rasool could continue his education while working, attending school thrice a week as per TCF’s COVID-19 policy. She emphasized Rasool’s potential and the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty for their family.

With Ms. Shagufta’s guidance, Rasool returned to school and diligently caught up on his studies. On school days, he heads straight to work after classes. Despite the challenges, Rasool remains determined to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer.