Explore Exciting Job Opportunities in Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Last Date April 14

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Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is offering job openings for Pakistanis who are eager to begin their careers in the IT field. Whether you’re searching for your first job or looking to switch careers, PITB might have the perfect opportunity for you.

The vacancies at PITB span various positions, catering to individuals with different skills and expertise. Roles range from Admin Officer, responsible for administrative tasks, to Data Entry Operators, who handle data input tasks. If you have a knack for analyzing data, you might find your fit as a Data Scientist. And if you’re skilled in web development, there are openings for Front End Developers as well.

If you’re enthusiastic about working in the IT sector and eager to explore diverse career opportunities, PITB is worth considering. Keep an eye out for the latest job postings to kick-start your career journey in Punjab Information Technology Board.

PITB Jobs 2024

Job TitleExplanation
Admin Officer – PPIC3Responsible for administrative tasks within the PPIC3 (Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control, and Communication) project.
Assistant Programme OfficerAssists in the implementation and coordination of program activities.
Associate Software EngineerEntry-level software development role, involved in designing, coding, and testing software applications.
Business Analyst / Programme OfficerAnalyzes business processes and requirements, may also be involved in program management.
Business Development OfficerIdentifies new business opportunities and builds relationships with potential clients.
Communication and Design StrategistDevelops communication strategies and designs for various projects or programs.
Data Entry OperatorsEnters and updates data in computer systems or databases.
Data Science DeveloperDevelops and implements data-driven solutions using programming and statistical skills.
Data ScientistUses data analysis and machine learning techniques to derive insights and solve complex problems.
Database AdministratorManages and maintains databases, ensuring data security and integrity.
Digital Marketing StrategistDevelops and implements digital marketing campaigns to promote products or services.
Divisional / District IT CoordinatorCoordinates IT activities within a division or district, ensuring smooth operation of IT systems.
ETL DeveloperDesigns and implements ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes for data integration and migration.
Evaluation SpecialistConducts evaluations of programs or projects to assess their effectiveness and impact.
Finance Officer – PPIC3Manages financial activities within the PPIC3 project, including budgeting and financial reporting.
Front End DeveloperDesigns and develops user interfaces for software applications.
GIS SpecialistSpecializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, including mapping and spatial analysis.
Graphic DesignerCreates visual concepts and designs for various projects.
Information Security SpecialistEnsures the security of an organization’s information systems and data.
Inventory SupervisorManages inventory levels and ensures accurate record-keeping of stock.
IT SpecialistProvides technical support and assistance for IT systems and infrastructure.
Joint Director – OperationsOversees and coordinates operational activities within an organization.
Finance ManagerManages financial planning, reporting, and budgeting activities for an organization.
ML Ops EngineerManages and optimizes machine learning models and pipelines in production environments.
Mobile Software App DeveloperDevelops mobile applications for various platforms, such as Android or iOS.
Network Engineer – PPIC3Manages and maintains network infrastructure within the PPIC3 project.
Network System Engineer / OfficersManages and maintains network systems and infrastructure.
Network TechnicianProvides technical support and assistance for network systems.
Office AssistantsProvides administrative support in an office setting.
Officer ReceivableManages accounts receivable and ensures timely collection of payments.
Principal Software EngineerLeads and oversees the development of software applications.
Procurement OfficerManages procurement processes and ensures the timely acquisition of goods and services.
Programme ManagerOversees and manages program activities, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget.
Programme Manager – PPIC3Manages program activities within the PPIC3 project.
Programme OfficerAssists in the implementation and coordination of program activities.
Programme Officer – PPIC3Assists in the implementation and coordination of program activities within the PPIC3 project.
Quality Assurance EngineerEnsures the quality of software applications through testing and analysis.
Research AssociateConducts research and provides support for research projects.
Resident EngineerProvides on-site engineering support for projects.
Senior Data EngineerLeads and oversees the development of data pipelines and analytics solutions.
Senior Mobile App Developer – AndroidSenior-level developer specializing in Android mobile application development.
Senior Programme ManagerSenior-level manager overseeing program activities and operations.
Senior Software EngineerSenior-level software developer responsible for designing and developing software applications.
Senior Software Engineer – PPIC3Senior-level software engineer working within the PPIC3 project.
Senior Software Quality Assurance EngineerSenior-level engineer responsible for ensuring the quality of software applications.
Software EngineerDesigns, develops, and maintains software applications.
Software Engineer – Angular / React.jsSoftware engineer specializing in Angular or React.js for web development.
Software Quality Assurance EngineerEnsures the quality of software applications through testing and analysis.
Solution Architect – PPIC3Designs and oversees the implementation of solutions within the PPIC3 project.
Senior Network System OfficerSenior-level officer responsible for managing and maintaining network systems.
Technical Content WriterCreates written content for technical documents, websites, or other platforms.
UI / UX DesignerDesigns user interfaces and experiences for software applications or websites.
UI / UX Designer – PPIC3Designs user interfaces and experiences within the PPIC3 project.

How to Apply Online for PITB Jobs

Interested candidates can apply and view detailed eligibility and section criteria, experience and job description of the positions.

To apply, please www.jobs.punjab.gov.pk.

PITB Jobs Application Lst Date:

If you are interested in jobs, make sure to submit your CV before April 14, 2024.