Farmers to Stage Sit-in Over Low Wheat Prices: Kissan Ittehad Chairman

a worried farmer is sitting on the ground

Khalid Hussain Bath, chairman of Kissan Ittehad, declared that farmers would hold a sit-in on April 19 due to low wheat support prices. Our reporter show that the government had imported $2.2 million worth of wheat, which remained unused while local growers struggled to sell their produce. Instead of buying from local farmers in Punjab, the government opted for imports, leaving farmers with surplus wheat and no buyers, as flour mills purchased wheat at Rs3000 per 40kg bag.

Bath also criticized the escalating fuel prices, exacerbating challenges for farmers who couldn’t cover the costs of harvesting wheat due to diesel price hikes. He accused government officials of misleading Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz about farmers’ issues. Despite successful negotiations on April 11, Kissan Ittehad announced another protest due to ongoing concerns.