Female Traffic Wardens Take to the Streets in Sialkot, Boosting Road Safety

female traffic wardens take to the streets in sialkot, boosting road safety

For the first time in Sialkot, female traffic wardens are stepping into field duties, marking a significant move to empower women drivers and curb accidents. Led by Sialkot District Police Officer (DPO) Mohammad Hasan Iqbal, a comprehensive traffic plan is underway, incorporating the deployment of female wardens across the city. Their primary aim? To instill strict adherence to traffic regulations and mitigate the rising trend of road mishaps.

Assigned to pivotal road junctions and areas with heavy traffic, these women wardens and officers are poised to enforce traffic laws rigorously. The initiative includes crackdowns on drivers lacking proper licenses and helmets, along with tackling underage motorcyclists engaged in reckless activities like racing and stunts.

Moreover, driving schools have been established in four tehsils of the district—Sambaryal, Daska, Pasrur, and Sialkot—to bolster awareness about road safety and traffic regulations. These schools offer training and conduct tests, issuing licenses to qualified individuals, thereby contributing to safer road practices.

While the presence of female wardens has garnered respect from the public, instances of misconduct by drivers, particularly those of commercial vehicles, have surfaced. However, the women wardens remain steadfast in their duties, rejecting attempts of bribery and prioritizing adherence to regulations.

Embracing this new responsibility, Sector In-charge Sambaryal, Ms. Saima, underscores the respect accorded to female wardens, emphasizing their potential to curb traffic violations effectively. Local entrepreneurs Amin Awan and Atif Ali echo this sentiment, highlighting the pivotal role female wardens can play in enhancing road safety.

DPO Iqbal expresses optimism regarding this groundbreaking initiative, aligning with the vision of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. He anticipates positive outcomes, foreseeing a boost in women’s confidence on the roads, ultimately fostering a safer driving environment.

Furthermore, a driving school established at the Government Girls College University of Sialkot aims to empower female students, equipping them with the skills and licenses to navigate roads independently—a testament to ongoing efforts toward gender inclusivity and road safety.