From Sialkot Contractor to YouTube Sensation: The Inspiring Journey of Arshad Reels, Zanib Ke Papa

from sialkot contractor to youtube sensation the inspiring journey of arshad reels, zanib ke papa

In a recent podcast, Muhammad Arshad, known as “Arshad Reels” online, talked about how he became famous on the internet. He lives in a small place called Sialkot in Punjab with his family. They make fun videos together, featuring his wife and three kids – Zainab, Muhammad, and Dua.

Arshad used to work in a factory in Sialkot but started making videos after his younger brother Majid suggested it. They began a YouTube channel called “Arshad Reels” in July 2022, and soon, many people started watching their videos.

Arshad said, “I liked singing at first and even learned to play the harmonium. But then, my brother showed me a religious video, and I started making similar content with my family.”

Arshad makes sure to keep his videos friendly for families and avoids reading comments to stay away from any trouble. He works on his YouTube channel full-time now and earns money from it.

Surprisingly, Arshad does all the video work with just his iPhone X and an app called CapCut. His skills in camera work come from his experience in the film industry.

One interesting thing about Arshad’s videos is that his 2-year-old daughter Dua’s voice is included. She stays in the background while they record, and her voice is added later. Arshad’s brother Majid helps in the whole process, showing how teamwork is vital for their success.

Arshad doesn’t let negative comments affect him and focuses on making enjoyable content for his followers on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. His journey from a contractor to a famous YouTuber inspires many, and his family videos continue to charm audiences.