Fuel Price Deregulation: Concerns Raised by Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association

fuel price deregulation concerns raised by pakistan petroleum dealers association

Abdul Sami Khan, speaking at a press conference in Karachi, expressed grave concerns about the plan to deregulate fuel prices. He emphasized that if this were to happen, it would lead to significant harm to both the fuel industry and the general public, who might face difficulties accessing quality fuel.

According to Khan, the deregulation of fuel prices could result in inflated prices, particularly in remote areas, making petrol and diesel unaffordable for many. He also warned of the broader economic consequences, fearing that it could trigger hyperinflation and instability in the economy.

In response to this potential move, Abdul Sami Khan announced plans for protests and legal challenges to oppose the decision. The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association is ready to take action against any attempt to deregulate fuel prices.

The concerns raised by the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association come in light of a proposal by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to gradually deregulate fuel prices across the country.