Generous Tradition: Sikh Family’s Iftar Langar for Needy Muslims

generous tradition sikh family's iftar langar for needy muslims

For over twenty years, Sardar Jitendar Singh and his family have upheld a unique tradition rooted in their faith. They organize an ‘Iftar Langar’, offering meals to impoverished Muslims throughout the month of Ramadan.

Langar, a communal meal, is a longstanding tradition in Sikhism, practiced in Gurdwaras where everyone is treated equally. This principle dates back to Guru Nanak’s teachings. Singh’s family, however, extends this tradition beyond the confines of the Gurdwara, providing food to those in need.

Originally from Peshawar, Singh, a pharmacist, relocated to Lahore with his family due to increasing security concerns faced by the Sikh community. In Peshawar, he ran a pharmacy and practiced as a herbal practitioner, known as a Hakeem. Despite the move, Singh continued his medical practice in Lahore while also initiating philanthropic endeavors.

Since 2000, Singh’s family has been actively involved in charitable work, particularly focused on aiding widows and orphans. This Ramadan, they’ve organized an ‘Iftar Langar’ in the Burki area, just thirty minutes from Lahore’s city center.

In addition to the Langar, Singh provides ongoing support to the needy, including monthly financial assistance, wheelchairs, sewing machines, and free ration distribution. Generous contributions from affluent members of the Sikh community further bolster their efforts, demonstrating a collective commitment to serving humanity.