Government Focuses on Economic Relief Measures, Ensures Uninterrupted Services to Comman Man: Federal Minister

government focuses on economic relief measures, ensures uninterrupted services federal minister

The Federal Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Dr. Musadik Malik, highlighted the government’s commitment to providing relief to the general public. Speaking on Dunya News’ program “On The Front” on Monday, Malik emphasized the government’s efforts to tackle the economic difficulties facing the country.

According to Malik, the government’s top priority is to generate job opportunities for educated youth. They are taking steps to encourage self-employment among talented young people. Various programs have been initiated to offer loans to recent graduates, enabling them to start small businesses.

Malik assured that the government is working tirelessly to ensure uninterrupted power and gas supply during the times of ‘Sehri’ and ‘Iftari’. Moreover, he reiterated the government’s commitment to facilitating both local and foreign investors in the gas and mineral sectors.

Responding to a question, Malik emphasized the importance of upholding the law for all individuals, regardless of their political positions. He stressed that everyone is equal before the law, emphasizing the need for adherence to legal principles.