Government Mulls Salary Hike for Employees Amid Economic Challenges

government mulls salary hike for employees amid economic challenges

The government in Islamabad is thinking about giving government workers more money in the next budget. It might happen in June, which is when they plan the budget for the year 2024-25. This news comes during a time when the economy faces many problems.

As the government led by Shehbaz gets ready to present its first budget, employees hope for good news about their pay. Each year, both the national and provincial governments decide if they’ll raise the salaries of their workers in the budget.

They will start preparing the budget for 2024-25 from May 2024 at the Federal Board of Revenue. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif put together a group of 11 ministers led by Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb to talk about ideas for the budget.

The Finance Division has gotten suggestions about protecting local businesses, changing tariffs, and helping industries grow.

Sources say the government wants to lower inflation to 5 to 7 percent by September 2025 to help people with the rising prices. They plan to collect about Rs10.952 trillion as revenue for 2024-25.

It’s expected that government workers might get a 10% raise in their salaries in the next budget. But, the final decision will come after the Ministry of Finance shares its ideas.

If the idea gets approved, the new salaries will start in July 2024.