Heavy Rains Forecasted in UAE: Schools Close, Travel Disrupted

heavy rains forecasted in uae schools close, travel disrupted

Once again, there’s a prediction of heavy rain in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Meteorological Department says we can expect heavy rain from Wednesday evening to Thursday.

The UAE Meteorological Department explains that a surface low pressure from the Red Sea is affecting the UAE. Also, humid winds from the southeast will affect the weather here.

A spokesperson from the Emirati Meteorological Department says we might get heavy rain with thunderstorms. Some places might even get hail, and the strong winds could go up to 65 kilometers per hour.

Because of the rain forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, schools in Dubai will be closed on Thursday and Friday. Officials say they’re doing this to make sure teachers and students stay safe.

A few days ago, from April 16 onwards, Dubai International Airport faced a lot of problems because of heavy rain and thunderstorms. This caused chaos, flooding important areas, and messing up travel plans for lots of passengers.

Videos on social media showed how bad the situation was, with planes trying to move on waterlogged runways.

The airport had to stop operations for 25 minutes to deal with the problems. This showed how serious the situation was. The airport management said the flooding on roads to the airport made things even worse.

To deal with the crisis, authorities quickly changed plans. They made arriving flights go to other airports until the weather gets better. But departing flights still went on, though they might be late.

Passengers were told to check their flight status, give themselves more time for travel, and think about using the Dubai Metro to travel more easily during this difficult time.