High Chicken Prices Spark Concerns in Pakistan

broiler chicken prices high chicken prices spark concerns in pakistan

Chicken prices in Pakistan have reached an all-time high, causing worry among the population who are now urging the government to step in and stabilize the prices.

Chicken meat is a favorite among Pakistanis and is widely consumed across the country. It’s a popular source of protein and finds its way into various dishes. Throughout the year, demand for poultry remains consistently high due to its versatility in cooking.

One of the main reasons for its popularity was its affordability, but now it’s becoming too expensive for many buyers.

To address this issue, the federal government has decided to halt the export of roasters, a move expected to reduce chicken prices domestically. Reports suggest that the federal food ministry has submitted a proposal to the cabinet, stating that if approved, chicken prices could decrease by Rs200 per kilogram.

Chicken Rate in Lahore Today: As per official records, the current price of chicken meat in Lahore and nearby areas stands at Rs626 per kilogram.

Expected New Chicken Rate: If the proposal gets a green light, the chicken rate is anticipated to drop below Rs500 per kilogram in Lahore and other parts of the country.