Hollywood actor Will Smith Explores Spiritual Connection through Quranic Reading

will smith explores spiritual connection through quranic reading

In a recent interview, Will Smith, a famous Hollywood actor who won an Oscar, talked about his spiritual journey. He mentioned how he turned to the Quran during a tough time in the last two years. Smith, who is 55 years old, spoke about how important spirituality is to him and how it helped him reflect on his life.

During this period, Smith read many religious books, including the Quran. He even read the whole Quran during Ramadan. He explained that he wants to become more understanding and accepting of others, which is why he’s focusing on his spiritual growth.

Smith was deeply touched by the stories of Prophet Moses in the Quran. He liked how clear and straightforward the Quran is, and how it connects with other religious texts like the Torah and the Bible.

Talking about parenting, Smith shared his thoughts on raising his children. Even though his youngest child is 23, Smith believes parenting continues as children grow older. He thinks it’s important for children to take responsibility for their actions, as taught in the Quran.

Reading the Quran has changed how Smith sees his role as a parent. Instead of feeling solely responsible for his children, he sees himself more as a guide and supporter in their lives.

Aside from his personal journey, Smith also spoke about his visits to Saudi Arabia, where he admired landmarks like the NEOM project, Jeddah, and Riyadh. He feels a sense of belonging and happiness in Saudi Arabia, which he attributes to his deepening spirituality and appreciation for different cultures.