Honda Motorcycles Maintain Strong Presence in Pakistan Market

honda motorcycles maintain strong presence in pakistan market

In Pakistan, Honda motorcycles are very popular even though there’s a lot of competition, mainly because of their prices. Honda offers many different types of motorcycles that suit all kinds of riders, but the Honda CD70, which is one of their basic models, sells the most.

With prices going up a lot in Pakistan because of inflation, more and more people are using motorcycles every day. Many of them choose Honda motorcycles for their daily travel.

Honda CD70, CG125, and other Honda motorcycles are well-known for being strong and lasting a long time. They have good engines, sturdy builds, and when people want to sell them, they still get good prices for them.

Because of the money in Pakistan being worth less now, the prices of motorcycles have gone up. So, people are looking for ways to buy them more easily, like through installment plans.

Atlas Honda, the company that sells Honda motorcycles in Pakistan, has introduced a new plan where you can pay for a Honda CD70 in installments. You can pay up to Rs 13,158 in installments.

Right now, in May 2024, the price of a Honda CD70 is Rs 157,900.

My Opinion:

It’s clear that Honda motorcycles are a big deal in Pakistan, especially the CD70 model. With prices rising and the economy changing, it’s good to see options like installment plans making it easier for people to get what they need. Honda’s reputation for quality and durability seems to keep them on top in the market.