Karachi Railway Authority Suspends Business and Karakoram Express Services Until Ramadan 18th

karachi railway authority suspends business and karakoram express services until ramadan 18th

Karachi’s railway authorities have taken a decisive step in response to a notable decline in passenger numbers, as reported by ARY News on Friday. Operations for both the Business and Karakoram Express trains will be suspended until the 18th of Ramadan.

Passengers affected by the suspension of the Pak Business Express will find accommodation on alternative services such as the Karachi Express and Tez Gam. Similarly, those traveling with the Karakoram Express will be adjusted onto the Karachi Express and Tezgam trains.

This move, according to railway officials, is anticipated to yield significant daily savings, estimated to exceed Rs 5 million.

Earlier today, Pakistan Railways announced plans to introduce ‘Eid Special Trains’ ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr. These trains aim to manage the anticipated rush and enable people to celebrate the Islamic festival with their loved ones nationwide.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Railway disclosed that all necessary arrangements for Eid Special Trains have been finalized to ensure passenger convenience.

He further elaborated that the tradition of returning home via trains during Eid is observed by foreign nationals, students, government employees, and laborers. In light of this, special trains are operated every Eid to facilitate their journey.

The schedule for the Eid Special Trains is expected to be announced shortly.