Lahore Authorities Crack Down on Parking Violations in Johar Town

lahore authorities crack down on parking violations in johar town

In Johar Town, Lahore, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency (TEPA) took action against more than 24 commercial buildings. These buildings were sealed because they broke the rules about where people can park their cars.

LDA has been working to stop illegal signs and people parking where they shouldn’t in Lahore. Last Friday, LDA, Traffic Engineering, and TEPA joined forces. They sealed more than 24 commercial buildings on Abdul Haq Road in Johar Town. These buildings were not following the parking rules.

The businesses that got sealed include Hush Puppies, Starlet Shoes, a bank, an ice cream shop, a government office, a clothes store, a poultry shop, and offices.

LDA and TEPA worked together with the local police and used big machines to do this operation. They also took down illegal signs from dental clinics, car shops, gas stations, hotels, cafes, banks, and other places. LDA officials said they had warned the owners of these buildings many times before they took action.

The Director General of LDA, Tahir Farooq, got told to keep doing this operation. They want to stop people from taking up space they shouldn’t, putting up illegal signs, and breaking parking rules in Lahore.