Lahore Authorities Shut Down Seven Illegal Cattle Markets

lahore authorities shut down seven illegal cattle markets

In a continued effort to stop illegal cattle markets, the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) has shut down seven unauthorized cattle sale points in the city. MCL Administrator and Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider announced on Tuesday that they have started a thorough operation against illegal cattle markets in all nine administrative zones of Lahore.

As part of this operation, seven illegal cattle sale points were closed in the Ravi zone near Saggian Pull. The authorities also confiscated five truckloads of goods, which were moved to the MCL yard. Legal cases were filed against eight people for resisting the operation. The Deputy Commissioner mentioned that illegal cattle markets cause significant traffic problems and stated that selling and buying animals outside the designated markets is not allowed. She warned that any violation of these rules would result in strict legal action. The operation against illegal cattle markets will continue across the city, she added.

My Opinion:

I believe that the efforts of the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore to close down illegal cattle markets are crucial for maintaining order in the city. These markets not only disrupt traffic but can also pose safety risks. Ensuring that all cattle sales happen in designated areas helps keep the city organized and safe for everyone.