Lahore High Court Directs Replacement of Officers Over Environmental Issues

lahore high court

In Lahore, the court made some important decisions about the environment. Three officers from the environment department didn’t do their job properly, so the Lahore High Court told the department to replace them. These officers were supposed to deal with pollution problems, but they didn’t do it well.

The court told the head of the Environment department to quickly find new people for these roles. The court also said these officers should face punishment under the law for not doing their job right.

This decision came during a hearing about smog, which is a big problem in Lahore. People were worried because the government wasn’t doing enough to fight smog. Some people went to court to ask for help. During the hearing, members of a special group and lawyers from the government talked to the court.

One of the group members said that some factories, which were closed before because they were polluting, were allowed to reopen. This was because some Environment department officers were helping them, which was very bad. The court was very upset when they heard this and told the department to replace those officers too.

But the court also gave a chance for the head of the Environment department to explain. They said they would listen to the department’s side of the story.

The court also asked about a big project planned by the government for an area called the Central Business District. Lawyers said the government was working on this project.

One of the group members told the court that more and more housing areas were being built on land that’s supposed to be for farming. This could cause problems with having enough food in the future.

The judge said this was a serious problem, and the government needed to deal with it. Another lawyer said there were too many housing areas being built illegally around Lahore, and the government needed better rules to stop this.

The court decided to talk about these things again next week and asked for updates on what the government was doing.