Lahore High Court Grants Extension for Market Opening Hours Until Midnight


Justice Shahid Karim of the Lahore High Court has issued a decree permitting markets to extend their operating hours until midnight within the provincial capital. This directive was pronounced amidst hearings addressing environmental concerns. Consequently, markets across Lahore are now authorized to operate until midnight on weekdays and until 1 am on weekends until the advent of Eid.

During the hearings, the Member Judicial Commission apprised the court of the traffic disturbances arising from inadequate parking facilities at restaurants and excessively large dining areas. In response, the court instructed restaurant proprietors to present a comprehensive parking plan at the forthcoming hearing.

A disconcerting revelation surfaced during the proceedings, as the Member Judicial Commission disclosed the use of deceased chicken meat in shawarmas at the Tollinton market. Prompt action ensued, with both the health department and food authority notified and subsequent raids initiated. It’s noteworthy that the Lahore High Court had previously granted restaurants in the provincial capital permission to operate between Iftar and Sehri.