Lahore High Court Imposes Fine for Water Wastage in Housing Societies

lahore high court imposes fine for water wastage in housing societies

The Lahore High Court has made a ruling stating that any private housing society caught wasting water will face a fine of Rs100,000. This decision came during a hearing regarding the reduction of smog on Friday. The court also urged authorities to speed up their actions against such societies to save water and ensure they follow the court’s orders.

Moreover, the court has instructed the start of a campaign to raise awareness about cleanliness involving students and parents from schools. This campaign will begin on May 1st, which coincides with International Labour Day.

Justice Shahid Karim, during the hearing, emphasized that our true home is our country, not just the physical house where we live.

Deputy Attorney General Asad Ali Bajwa presented himself before the court for this case. Additionally, representatives from the Environment Commission provided a report on how the court’s directives were being implemented. The court decided to postpone further hearings until May 3rd.