Lahore High Court Orders Fines for Smog Violations

lahore high court orders fines for smog violations

The Lahore High Court (LHC) made a decision on Friday. It said that restaurants not obeying the government’s anti-smog rules must pay a fine of Rs50,000. Also, cafes that break the rules will be closed down.

This ruling comes because many cities in Punjab, especially Lahore, are covered in harmful smog. This happened as the weather got colder in November, making the air quality worse.

In Lahore today, the Air Quality Index (AQI) was measured at 201, which is very unhealthy. The main problem is PM2.5, tiny particles that can harm the lungs and bloodstream, causing serious health problems.

The government has been trying to control the smog. They’ve done things like locking down parts of the city and telling people to wear masks. But these actions haven’t helped much yet.

Before, Justice Shahid Karim from the LHC ordered that all businesses in Lahore should close by 10 pm every day to fight smog.

Today, the judge said that cafes in Lahore’s Johar Town must be closed for not following the orders. He also said that restaurants not following anti-smog rules should be fined.

In other news, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) said they’ll finish building underpasses in the city by Dec 25. But the judge said they should finish earlier because the construction is causing traffic problems.

The judge asked the LDA how long they needed to finish the work. He told them to discuss and give a final date to the court.

The judge also asked about a “green project” by the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority. He said that while tall buildings are being built, there’s no focus on environmental projects.

So, the court asked for a report about this project in the next hearing, which is on Monday (Dec 11, 2023).