Lahore Metropolitan Corporation Closes Seven Illegal Cattle Markets

lahore metropolitan corporation closes seven illegal cattle markets

The Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) is cracking down on illegal cattle markets in the city. MCL Administrator and Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider announced that they have closed seven unauthorized cattle sale points in Lahore. This operation is part of a larger effort to tackle illegal markets across all nine administrative zones of the city.

The crackdown targeted the Ravi zone near Saggian Pull, where seven cattle sale points were shut down. Additionally, authorities confiscated goods from five truckloads, moving them to the MCL yard. Eight individuals faced legal action for resisting the operation, with FIRs filed against them.

The Deputy Commissioner highlighted that these illegal markets cause major disruptions to traffic flow. She emphasized that buying and selling animals outside designated markets is against the law. Warning of strict consequences for violations, she stated that the crackdown will continue throughout the city.

Opinion: It’s essential for authorities to take action against illegal activities like these cattle markets to maintain order and safety in the city. Such markets not only disrupt traffic but also pose health and safety risks to the public. I support the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore’s efforts in enforcing the law and ensuring that such unauthorized activities are shut down promptly.