Lahore’s Solar Panel Prices Witness Significant Drop Ahead of Summer

lahore solar panel prices witness significant drop ahead of summer

In a surprising turn of events, Lahore’s solar panel market has experienced a noteworthy reduction in prices. Recent reports indicate that systems ranging from 7 to 15 kilowatts are now available at significantly lower rates, with savings of up to Rs. 200,000.

For instance, the cost of a 7-kilowatt system has been slashed by Rs. 100,000, bringing it down to Rs. 825,000. Similarly, the new price for a 10-kilowatt system stands at Rs. 1.125 million.

Following suit, the price of a 12-kilowatt system has decreased by Rs. 200,000, now priced at Rs. 1.4 million. Moreover, the cost for a 15-kilowatt system has also seen a reduction of Rs. 200,000, now available at Rs. 1.6 million.

This unexpected drop in prices comes as a pleasant surprise, especially considering the impending summer season, during which prices traditionally escalate.

Just a month ago, solar panel prices in Lahore were on the rise due to heightened demand ahead of the summer months. Prices had surged by amounts ranging between Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 300,000.

For example, the cost of a 7-kilowatt system had soared beyond Rs. 920,000, while a 10-kilowatt system had seen its price climb from Rs. 1.1 million to Rs. 1.25 million.

Similarly, the price of a 12-kilowatt system had reached Rs. 1.6 million, and a 15-kilowatt system was priced at Rs. 1.8 million.