LPG Pricing Predicament: OGRA’s Response to Market Turbulence


OGRA Responds to LPG Price Surge Amid Ample Supply

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has reacted to recent market reports indicating a significant uptick in LPG prices, despite abundant stocks of LPG molecules being available within the country.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the artificial inflation of LPG prices stems from hoarding practices, with certain entities deliberately withholding stock from consumers and selling the product at rates exceeding OGRA’s prescribed prices.

In response, OGRA has reached out to Provincial Chief Secretaries, urging them to prompt local governments to take immediate action against those engaged in illegal hoarding. Their directive aims to ensure that LPG is sold to end consumers at OGRA’s designated prices.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Energy, Petroleum Division, has issued directives to Chief Secretaries for appropriate measures to address the situation. Additionally, OGRA’s enforcement teams are actively conducting field operations to monitor LPG stocks and guarantee compliance with prescribed pricing regulations.