Maryam Nawaz Honored at Police Training College Event

maryam nawaz honored at police training college event

At a special ceremony, Maryam Nawaz, a well-known leader, was given a warm welcome and the chance to give awards to excellent people from the Police Training College. She was the special guest and watched proudly as the police cadets showed off their skills in a parade.

During her talk, the Chief Minister of Punjab, who leads the state, spoke about her government’s promise to have more women in the police force. She said it was important for fairness and for giving women more chances to work in law enforcement. The Chief Minister talked about how having different kinds of people in the police force, including women, makes it better and more connected to the community.

The Chief Minister also talked about the big job that comes with wearing a police uniform. She said it’s vital to always do the right thing, be professional, and work hard to help people stay safe. She thanked the police for their hard work and the things they give up to protect everyone.

The Chief Minister promised that her government would keep supporting female officers. They want to make sure they have the right training, tools, and help to do their jobs well. By creating a friendly atmosphere and cheering women on to join the police, the government wants to make sure they have a fair chance to grow in their careers.