Ministry of Energy Denies Fixed Tax on Solar Power Users

ministry of energy denies fixed tax on solar power users

The Ministry of Energy’s Power Division dismissed rumors on Saturday about a proposed fixed tax on solar power users. Reports circulating on social media claimed that the Central Power Purchasing Agency had

suggested taxing residential and commercial users of solar power at Rs2,000 per kilowatt. However, according to state-run Radio Pakistan, the Power Division clarified that these rumors were false.

The Power Division stated that neither the Central Power Purchasing Agency nor the division had submitted any such proposal to the government. It emphasized that there is “no truth” to the news of a fixed tax for solar power users.

The division highlighted the Net Metering Policy of 2017, which aims to promote alternative energy in the system. It acknowledged a rapid increase in solarization but assured that proposals and amendments were under consideration to prevent further burden on the poor.

Additionally, the division affirmed its commitment to protecting the investments of 150,000 to 200,000 net metering consumers.