Nationwide Internet Service Restored After Temporary Disruption

nationwide internet service restored after temporary disruption

Following a temporary disruption on Tuesday, internet connections across the country have been fully restored. Although the exact cause behind the brief interruption remains unidentified, insiders speculate it could be linked to a malfunction in an underwater cable. Sources within the industry suggest the outage might be attributed to internal issues.

Users of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.’s internet service reported the disruption, corroborated by Downdetector, an online platform offering real-time data on various websites and services. Additionally, other services on the platform experienced a drop in connectivity during the same period.

Over the past two months, Pakistan has experienced two instances of internet interruptions. Previously, on February 8, the telecom regulator imposed a day-long internet blackout due to security concerns, causing connectivity issues for voters on election day, especially while traveling to polling stations.