New Policy Lightens Load for Primary School Students in Islamabad

new policy lightens load for primary school students in islamabad

School bags are getting heavy for students, especially for young learners who have to carry many books and other supplies.

To reduce the strain on young students, the federal government is looking into ways to lessen the weight of school bags. As part of this effort, the government has introduced a new student-friendly no bag policy for primary schools in Islamabad, which will start on August 1.

After the summer holidays, primary school students in Islamabad will no longer need to carry their school bags to class. Instead, they will be given storage cabinets in their classrooms where they can keep their textbooks and other materials.

This new policy aims to ease the physical burden on young learners. The government is making arrangements in all primary schools to ensure this change can be smoothly implemented.

In the past, the government launched a similar initiative called “Lighter Bag Brighter Student.” This initiative initially received positive feedback from parents and showed promise in reducing the weight of school bags. However, the policy was gradually phased out over time.

Due to growing concerns from parents, the ministry has now decided to bring back the idea with this new initiative. Parents believe this will promote a healthier and more enjoyable educational experience for their children.

My Opinion:

I think the reintroduction of the no bag policy in Islamabad’s primary schools is a significant step forward. Reducing the weight of school bags will help protect the physical health of young students and make their school experience more enjoyable. This initiative shows the government’s commitment to prioritizing student well-being, and it is encouraging to see that parents’ voices are being heard and acted upon. Hopefully, this policy will be successful and could potentially inspire similar changes in other regions as well.