Pakistan Launches Land Route for Fruit Export to Russia


Pakistan has recently initiated the export of fruit to Russia via a land route spanning approximately 6,000 kilometers, marking a significant development in bilateral trade relations between the two nations.

Over the weekend, sixteen trucks belonging to Pakistan’s National Logistics Corporation (NLC) transported oranges to the Russian cities of Derbent and Grozny. This endeavor has garnered praise from Russia, which has acknowledged the efforts made by NLC in facilitating the promotion of trade between the two countries.

The NLC, a state-owned enterprise, plays a pivotal role in enabling the export of various Pakistani products, including bananas, meat, and seafood, to destinations in Central Asia and China.

Notably, in September 2023, Pakistan received goods from Russia under the Transport International Routes (TIR) Convention. This convention, a global transit system, streamlines the movement of goods across borders without the need for intermediate customs checks, facilitating smoother trade operations.

Both Pakistan and Uzbekistan, as signatories of the TIR Convention, have been actively pursuing measures to bolster bilateral trade. In February of the same year, the two nations signed a substantial $1 billion trade deal, underscoring their commitment to strengthening economic ties.

Pakistan’s efforts extend beyond its immediate neighbors, as it actively seeks to enhance trade relations with Central Asian countries. Additionally, the country is keen on attracting foreign investment, particularly from the Middle East, to bolster its foreign exchange reserves and stabilize the Pakistani rupee, which has experienced significant devaluation in recent years.