Pakistan Railways Achieves Milestone with Longest Freight Train in History

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Pakistan Railways reached a remarkable milestone by successfully operating its longest freight train in history, announced a spokesperson on Friday. Spanning an impressive 2,500 feet, the train comprised 50 wagons, powered by an exceptionally robust engine.

Loaded with a substantial cargo weighing over 3000 tons, the freight train embarked on its journey from Karachi to Kotri, marking a significant feat in railway logistics. Throughout its expedition, the train attained a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour, maintaining an average speed of 38 kilometers per hour.

Highlighting the train’s capacity, the railway spokesperson noted that it could carry a load exceeding that of 94 22-wheeler trucks, demonstrating its efficiency in cargo transportation.

Moreover, the spokesperson emphasized the broader benefits of such initiatives, stating that besides alleviating traffic congestion on roads, the freight train would contribute to reducing environmental pollution.