Pipeline of Hope: Iran’s Energy Gift to Pakistan

pipeline of hope irans energy gift to pakistan

Energy-thirsty Pakistan is determined to move forward with a natural gas pipeline linking it to neighboring Iran. However, concerns loom over potential sanctions from the US for engaging in business with Tehran.

At the close of March, Pakistan signaled its intention to seek relaxation on possible sanctions from the United States concerning a natural gas pipeline venture originating from Iran.

Islamabad is eager to kickstart the implementation of the long-awaited project dubbed the “Peace Pipeline.”

Though agreed upon by both nations in 2009, the project has encountered setbacks and financial hurdles along the way.

Iran has issued a warning to Pakistan, threatening legal action if it fails to fulfill its obligation of constructing the Pakistani portion of the pipeline.

Sabena Siddiqi, a Pakistani journalist specializing in foreign policy, highlighted the stakes, stating, “Pakistan aims to avoid potential legal disputes with Iran in international tribunals, along with a hefty fine of $18 billion (€16.6 billion).”

Siddiqi also emphasized, “Tehran has set a deadline of September 2024 for Islamabad to complete the construction of the pipeline on the Pakistani side, spanning approximately 780 kilometers (484 miles).”