PM Shehbaz Sharif Forms Committee to Investigate Wheat Import

pm shehbaz sharif forms committee to investigate wheat import

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made a group to understand why wheat was brought into the country during the last temporary government. He held a big meeting about wheat and thanked Allah for giving the country a lot of wheat this year.

The prime minister said that getting wheat should be strict, and farmers should get their reward quickly for their hard work.

He asked about why wheat was imported last year when there was going to be a lot of wheat. To find out, he made a team led by Secretary Cabinet Division Kamran Ali Afzal. Other members are federal ministers Ahad Khan Cheema, Rana Tanveer, Muhammad Aurangzeb, Jam Kamal, PM’s coordinator Rana Ahsan Afzal, and some government officials.

The PM told the authorities again to get wheat from farmers. Earlier, he told them to get more wheat and to do it quickly.

Reports say the storage places of Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation Limited already have a lot of wheat from the last government. Because of this, the government is not eager to get more wheat from farmers. But farmers are unhappy because the government isn’t buying their wheat, so they’re selling it for less in the open market.

Information Minister Att­a­ullah Tarar said there was no such investigation by the PM before, and all these reports are wrong.