Poultry Prices Plummet: Punjab Poultry Association Slashes Chicken Costs


“Poultry Prices Plummet as Punjab Government Strikes Deal with Industry Representatives”

After productive negotiations between the Poultry Association of Punjab and provincial authorities, a significant breakthrough has been reached: a reduction in chicken meat prices.

In a joint announcement, both parties revealed a Rs. 10 decrease in the open market prices of chicken meat, effective immediately.

Moreover, a special provision was made for Ramadan markets, where the Poultry Association has agreed to slash prices by Rs. 25 per kilogram. This move aims to alleviate financial burdens during the holy month.

Emphasizing her dedication to public welfare, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz conducted an impromptu visit to Johar Town’s Model Bazaar. During her inspection, she personally assessed the prices of essential commodities, including fruits, vegetables, and groceries.

Interacting with locals, the Chief Minister empathized with the challenges faced, particularly during Ramadan, and reiterated her administration’s commitment to supporting vulnerable communities.