President Zardari to Address Parliament in Joint Session Amidst Opposition Protests

president zardari to address parliament in joint session amidst opposition protests

Today, the Parliament House in Pakistan is abuzz with anticipation as the joint session of Parliament convenes. Ayaz Sadiq, the Speaker of the National Assembly, will preside over the session, which marks a significant event in the country’s legislative calendar.

At 4 pm, President Asif Ali Zardari is scheduled to address the joint session, making it a momentous occasion. All necessary arrangements for the meeting have been finalized, ensuring a smooth and orderly proceeding. Notably, this session holds particular importance as it is the first since the formation of the 16th National Assembly.

The call for this joint session stems from the powers vested in the President under Articles 54(1) and 56(3) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a constitutional obligation that reflects the democratic process of governance in the country.

However, amid the anticipation, there looms the shadow of opposition protests. Various opposition parties, including the PTI, Sunni Ittehad Council, and MWM, have announced their intention to protest during today’s session. Their grievances span issues such as alleged election rigging, inflation, and the supremacy of the constitution.

Sources reveal that opposition members have been instructed to ensure their presence in the joint session to actively participate in the protest. This indicates a charged atmosphere within the Parliament House, with both anticipation and dissent shaping the day’s proceedings.