Prices of Ghee and Cooking Oil Drop in Pakistan, Offering Relief to Households

prices of ghee and cooking oil drop in pakistan, offering relief to households

In good news for households across Pakistan, the prices of ghee and cooking oil have significantly dropped over the past month.

Consumers can now buy Brand A and Brand B cooking oil and ghee at much lower prices, according to the dealers association.

Brand A cooking oil is now Rs 75 cheaper per liter, selling for Rs 525. Similarly, Brand A ghee has also dropped by Rs 25 per kg, now priced at Rs 525 per kg.

Brand B ghee and cooking oil have also seen price reductions, now costing Rs 380 per liter after a Rs 70 price cut.

This price drop is a positive development amidst wider economic challenges. The State Bank of Pakistan, in its half-yearly economic review, projected an inflation rate of 23 to 25 percent for the current financial year.

However, the report also provides some hope, predicting that inflation will steadily decline over the next six months. If this trend continues, the inflation rate could fall to as low as 5 to 7 percent by September 2025.

My Opinion:

The recent drop in ghee and cooking oil prices is a welcome relief for many Pakistani households struggling with high inflation. While this reduction provides some financial breathing room, it is essential for the government to continue addressing broader economic issues. Sustainable policies that control inflation and stabilize essential goods’ prices can significantly improve the quality of life for the average consumer.