Punjab and Sindh Governments Declare Public Holidays for Christian Community

punjab and sindh governments declare public holidays for christian community

The government of Punjab has declared April 1, 2024, as a public holiday for the Christian community to celebrate the “Day after Easter.” This decision aims to provide an opportunity for Christians across the province to observe this significant event.

According to the official notification, issued by the Punjab government, the holiday is exclusively for the Christian community. It emphasizes the government’s recognition of the importance of religious observances and its commitment to supporting diverse communities.

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s announcement of financial assistance further underscores the government’s dedication to assisting the Christian community during Easter. Each Christian family in Punjab will receive Rs. 5,000, and district administrations are tasked with ensuring the fair and transparent distribution of these grants.

Similarly, the Sindh government has also announced public holidays for important occasions. April 1st has been declared a public holiday in Sindh to observe the “Day After Easter,” providing Christian residents with the opportunity to celebrate.

Furthermore, April 4, 2024, marks the 45th martyrdom anniversary of former Prime Minister Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. To honor this occasion, a public holiday has been declared across the province of Sindh.

These announcements reflect the government’s acknowledgment of various religious and historical events, ensuring that communities have the chance to observe and celebrate their traditions.