Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz Issues Show-Cause Notices to PML-N MPAs

punjab cm maryam nawaz issues show cause notices to pml n mpas

Punjab Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz, has taken decisive action by issuing show-cause notices to two PML-N Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) following recent incidents of alleged misconduct.

One of the recipients of the notice, Malik Waheed, representing PP-152, faced allegations of misbehavior towards a police officer during a routine vehicle search along the GT Road. The incident, which occurred three days prior, prompted swift action from the Chief Minister’s office.

Similarly, Uzma Kardar, another PML-N MPA elected on a reserved seat, received a show-cause notice for purportedly interfering with an ongoing investigation at the Model Town Police Station.

Expressing her concerns over the incidents, CM Maryam Nawaz conveyed her apologies to Sub-Inspector Naseeb, the officer involved in the GT Road incident, stating her embarrassment over his ordeal.

During a meeting with Sub-Inspector Naseeb, the Chief Minister emphasized the importance of upholding the law without fear or favor. She commended Naseeb for diligently performing his duty and assured him that his actions were commendable.

In her remarks, CM Maryam reiterated that no individual, regardless of their status, is above the law. She emphasized that grievances, if any, should be addressed through proper channels rather than resorting to misconduct.

Furthermore, Maryam Nawaz stressed the significance of lawmakers setting a positive example by adhering to the law, underscoring their responsibility towards the public.

Additionally, the Chief Minister raised concerns about alleged attempts to transfer Sub-Inspector Naseeb following the incident. She instructed Lahore Capital City Police Officer Bilal Siddique Kamyana to refrain from taking unilateral actions without consulting her, particularly in similar circumstances.

The issuance of show-cause notices underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining discipline and accountability within its ranks.